S.L.E.D. Certified Level I, II & III Training

Tony Proietta

Anthony Proietta is a S.L.E.D. certified level I, II & III training instructor. Anthony is pleased to announce that he is providing S.L.E.D. Level I, II, III security officer training to both individuals interested in a career in private security, and employees of other licensed security companies. Anthony brings 11.5 years of Law Enforcement as a Uniformed Patrol Deputy, Field Training Officer, Master Deputy and Criminal Investigator to bear in every training session and has vast experience in armed private security / executive protection. You can be sure that your officers will receive the highest level of training.

Level 01 training consists of a four hour course that includes basic training plus S.L.E.D. mandated core training. A test is issued at the conclusion of the course. Special arrangements can be made to accommodate large groups. Call 864-271-7901 or for the next available training date. The fee for Level I training is $100.00 per person.

Level II & III training consists of a four hour course that includes both classroom instruction with a test and range training with firearm qualification. Anthony is certified to teach .38 cal revolver, .45 cal auto pistol, .40 cal auto pistol, 9mm auto pistol, and 380 cal auto pistol. Fee for class is $125.00 per person plus ammunition and range fees.

Obtain Your O.C. (Oleoresin Capsicum) Certification

S.L.E.D. mandates that all Security Officers need to be certified in order to carry O.C. Spray / Foam legally. Anthony is a certified O.C. (Oleoresin Capsicum) Aerosol Spray Instructor. O.C. training consists of a two hour course that includes classroom instruction with a test. Students will experience first hand the effects of O.C. and decontamination as part of their certification. Students need to wear clothing that is appropriate to be sprayed, and decontaminated with water in. Fee for class is $50.00 per student. Students need to bring their own O.C. Spray.

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